100 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

$ 997 USD

In this powerful online yoga teacher training course, you will learn the fundamentals of how to practice, teach and share the powerful transformational healing art and science of yoga. 

In this training, you will learn half of the material from home, with videos, audios and ebooks. You can earn 100 hours toward your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from home. The final 100 hours will take place live, at one of our YTT locations world wide. We currently have live trainings in Hawaii, Bali, Costa Rica and Greece.

In just 10 days, you will be taken through a deep immersion where you will learn the most important aspects of the practice that can not be taught from videos or online. 

At the end of our training, you will take a 100 question exam and also demonstrate your ability to teach a full 1 hour yoga class to the group. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Certification which grants you full ability to teach yoga internationally. 

In this 100 Hour Online Portion of the YTT200 course, you will receive: 

  • 12 DVDs filmed our our live 300 hour YTT course in Bali
  • 10 DVDs filmed in Maldives for the 30DYC, each DVD has 3 videos teaching and demonstrating the perfect alignment and quing how to teach 30 unique and powerful yoga practices, pranayama, mantras, meditations and more. 
  • 25 Hours of online videos filmed in Bali at the YTT 300 - to compliment the 12 DVD training program
  • 14 Hours of online videos in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge and detox diet transformation course
  • 5 Ebooks (Intro to Yoga, Yoga Detox Diet, 7 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, Journey to Joyful & 
  • Pranashama Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • 10+ Hours of Audio Classes, Workshops and Meditations
  • 100 Question Final Exam

The remaining 100 Hours, you can choose to attend any of our 200 or 300 Hour YTT courses world wide, the last 10 days / 100 hours of the training, where you will deepen your practice, learn even more techniques and demonstrate your ability by teaching a full class to the group and taking the 100 Question Exam.

Locations Options Include: 

Bali - June 1-10 or 10-20

Hawaii - August 10-20

Costa Rica - January 20-30

Greece - September 25-Oct 5

Tuition rates for the live 100 hour training varies based upon location. Your total for the full 200 hour certification, combined with the 100 hour online YTT is $3500, including both the online portion and the 100 hour live retreat style training, which is all inclusive of accommodations, organic meals, materials, training course workshops and the final exam/certicate. 

Please email contact@pranashama.com to enroll in your location of choice to complete your 200 hour YTT. 

You must fill out the online application to begin your enrollment process and have a skype meeting with Dashama to discuss your goals for the course and how Pranashama Yoga Institute can support your yoga journey toward becomming a successful and respected international yoga teacher. 

Application is online at: Pranashama.com/apply.php

Blessings to your success and happiness!

Namaste and Sat Nam.

100 Hour / 10 Day Yoga Teacher Training :: Locations & Accommodation Options

Prasha Method 12 DVD Workshop Series

$ 247 USD

If you wish to only purchase the 12 DVD series and not the full 40 hour training online, you may do so here. This program comes complete with the following workshops filmed in Bali, 2014. 

1. Grounding Vinyasa (Earth/ Root practice)

2. Chi Flow (Water/ Sacral flow)

3. Fire Practice (fire/ solar plexus)

4. Journey into the Heart (air / heart)

5. Mantra Vinyasa (ether / throat)

6. Eyes Closed Vinyasa (ether / ajna)

7. Inversions & arm balances (ether / crown)

8. Partner Yoga (acroyoga workshop)

9. Power Yoga Breakthrough (Pranashama vinyasa)

10. Specific Yoga Case Studies

11. Pranashama Philosophy

12. Medition (Guided)

40 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

$ 497 USD

In this unique online yoga teacher training course, you will learn over 40 hours of powerful Pranashama Yoga techniques, sequences and practices to apply to your own life and to share with others. Whether you are a yoga teacher, a yoga enthusiast or an aspiring teacher, this course will enlighten, transform and catalyze a shift within your body, mind and soul in many powerful ways. 

Dashama Fans: 60% off for a limited time (Reg. price $497) 


This 40 hour YTT video course includes:

  • Lifetime membership and 30 day 100% money back guarantee
  • 25 hours of onilne video Pranashama yoga classes
  • 12 Prasha Method Chakra Healing Workshop DVD Set 
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Thai Yoga Massage, 
  • Partner Yoga, 
  • Nutrition, 
  • Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Cooking Videos
  • Hands on Adjustments
  • Guided Meditations, 
  • Pranayama, 
  • Breathwork, 
  • Philosophy of Pranashama Yoga, 
  • History of Yoga, 
  • Empowerment workshops + more.  

This is primarily a VIDEO course, with a few ebooks to reference as supplementary course material. 

This course should take 40 hours, but to learn most students will repeat the workshop videos several times, which will increase the length of time it may take you to complete. 

At the end of the course, you will be given permission to take the Pranashama Yoga Teacher Exam. This 100 question exam consists of fill in the blank, essay and multiple choice questions that you should know the answers to upon successful completion of the course material. To receive permission to take the exam, you must email Melissa at contact@pranashama.com.

You may apply these 40 hours toward your full 200 or 500 hour certification, which must be taken live with Dashama in Bali or one of the other locations. You can learn more about these options at: Pranashama.org