How to Create a Successful Yoga Business Aligned with the  Lifestyle of Your Dreams
And impact the lives of millions while traveling the world, doing what you love, and at the service of others

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  • My methods to live in constant flow, so life doesn’t feel like an uphill battle, but rather a series of events just “falling into place”.
  • The 5 pillars I discovered are necessary to build a profitable ($5K-$10K/month) yoga business that doesn’t drain your energy and leaves time to focus on your own healing.
  • How Pranashama is the most powerful yoga method to heal yourself and others at the deepest level.
  • How Pranashama graduates are living their dream life, whether that’s teaching in exotic places around the world, in a beautiful local studio, or online in the comfort of their own home.
  • ​The F.L.O method to realign yourself with your sense of purpose and live a fulfilling life.
  • ​And much, much more!
I started teaching in 2005 and within a few years had created a movement launching the first online yoga challenge in the world on YouTube which impacted millions of lives. 
I had a response from millions of people contacting me to help heal their lives, that I decided to create a school to train others to do what I do. This way, we could have a tribe and community of healers, teachers and light workers spreading this message and mission to heal the world, and lead people back to health, happiness, and deeper connection with their souls.
In 2011 I created Pranashama Yoga Institute. Since then we have certified hundreds of teachers, training over 690,000 students with my courses and through this unique and powerful system of healing that combines various styles of yoga including vinyasa flow, power yoga, ashtanga, kundalini, yin and thai yoga, as well as indigenous shamanic healing practices, tantra yoga, mantras, breathwork, many forms of meditation, ecstatic dance, plant based nutrition, detox cleansing, inner child healing, and much more. 
We have worked with some of the top educational institutions such as Harvard, Stanford & Warwick University. We are also working with the Oneness Temple and founders of the World Peace Festival, Art of Living and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Flow Summit by Hay House, and many other respected organizations with a shared mission to elevate the consciousness on earth.
Pranashama has certified hundreds of teachers and reached millions of students in over 50 countries from all walks of life, each connected by a common sole purpose to live and spread Oneness, Love and Flow.
We are forming a conscious media network to further spread this powerful message to over 20 million fans on FB via our partners at Unify, Collective Evolution, CureJoy, Uplift Connect, and others joining our tribe. My vision is to expand our network to over 100 million fans worldwide to uplift, heal, and inspire millions of people to transform their lives with the power of yoga, meditation and conscious living. 
The world needs positivity and light now more than ever, join our tribe and allow us to guide you and support you to shine your light into the world with us!