200 & 500 Hour Pranashama Yoga Teacher Trainings

  Watch this short video from Pranashama Bali Yoga Training Retreat 2011
  • 50-150 Hour - Miami Beach, FL March 15-31, 2012         
  • 50-200 Hour - Bali, Indonesia - June 1-30, 2012 
  • 500 Hour Adv - Isle of Man July 15 - Aug 14, 2012 

A Journey of Self Discovery

Pranashama Yoga teacher training is unique in our approach to teaching traditional as well as modern day methods and techniques targeting each of the 7 major energy centers (Chakras) along the body as well as harmonizing all 5 Koshas and cleansing body, mind and emotions. With an emphasis upon transformation, we create space for letting go of one's past story, healing from all traumas, inner child healing and karma yoga, seva - charity work with orphans.

You may attend the full 30 day program, to earn your 200 hour yoga teacher certification or any combination of week long trainings we offer around the world, to accumulate your 200 hours. Each week long training retreat counts up to 50 hours toward certification or CEUs

Application Process:

Step 1 - Click Here and fill out application

Step 2 - Submit your $108 Application processing fee Click Here

Step 3 - Set up a skype interview with Dashama (Yoga Teacher Trainees only)  (skype: dashamalove)

Step 4 - Submit your $1,000 deposit to reserve your spot Click Here

Step 5 - You will receive a link to pay the Remaining Tuition Balance within 90 days of deposit to secure your spot.

2012 Tuition Schedule

*Miami Beach - All inclusive 14 day (100 Hours) Yoga Training Retreat $3600 (shared ocean front room)

*Miami Beach - All inclusive 14 day (100 Hours) Yoga Training Retreat $4300 (private ocean front room)

*Miami Beach - All inclusive 7 day (50 Hours) Yoga Training Retreat $1800 (shared ocean front room)

*Miami Beach - All inclusive 7 day (50 Hours) Yoga Training Retreat $1100 (NO ROOM, option for locals)

*Miami Beach - All inclusive 14 day (100 Hours) Yoga Training Retreat $2200 (NO ROOM, option for locals)

*Miami Beach - Optional Workshops (Hoopgirl Fit Training, Business Training & Loving Relationships ($499/ 2 weeks)

*Bali - All Inclusive 30 Days (200 Hours) in Beginners Yoga Teacher Training Retreat $6,000 (Shared room)

*Bali - All Inclusive 30 Days (200 Hours) in Bali Beginners Yoga Teacher Training Retreat $7,500 (Private room)

*Bali - All Inclusive 7 Days (50 Hours) Training or Retreat $2,200 (Shared room)

*Bali - All Inclusive 14 Days (100 Hours) Training or Retreat $3,600 (Shared room)

*Bali - All Inclusive 21 Days (150 Hours) Training or Retreat $4,800 (Shared room)

*UK - 30 Days Advanced Yoga Training Retreat (300 Hours) in Isle of Man $3,500 (Tuition only- for local residents)

*UK - 30 Days Advanced Yoga Training Retreat (300 Hours) in Isle of Man, UK $6,500 (Shared room)

*Croatia - All Inclusive Yoga Training & Healing Retreat in Makarska Riviera May 19-26  $2,790 (Shared room)

Step 6 - After you are accepted, begin Preparing (You receive access to the 30DYC Home Training System FREE - you will receive access upon acceptance to the program)

**All students will also receive a fully loaded mp3 player from Dashama with over 4,000 audio tracks, music and ebooks to kick start your new life in style.

**You will also be sent information about flights, accommodations (roommate preferences or private room options), visas, book lists, how to prepare, etc. We hold your hand the entire journey, you are not alone!

**Feel free to contact us with any questions. Email Us Here or connect with Dashama on Facebook or Twitter

**Inquire about special food requirements or other travel related questions Click Here

**$500 Referral Bonus Available through our affiliate program.

Sample Daily Training Schedule:

7-9am - Pranashama Vinyasa Yoga Practice - challenging fitness based practice ending with 10 minute meditation.

9-10am - Breakfast with the group

10-1pm - Workshops- taught by Dashama, Dave or Dr. Quirk (Thai Yoga, Partner Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology, History, Philosophy, Meditation, Nutrition, Cleansing, Yoga Teacher Adjustments, etc.)

1pm - Smoothies & Elixirs

1-4pm - Mid Day Break/ Free Time - (Optional Yoga Class or holistic health, preventative holistic medical information & preventing environmental toxicity workshops with Dr. Quirk) 

4pm - Smoothies & Elixirs

4-6:30pm - Pranashama - Yoga or Thai Yoga Practice

7pm - Dinner with the group

8pm - Free time

          Watch this short video from Isle of Man, UK Training Retreat 2011

Pranashama's  World Class Team

To learn more about Dashama and her global programs, mission and vision, visit her website: Dashama.com ; 30dayyogachallenge.com and perfect10lifestyle.com ; connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and view her videos on Dashama TV

Dashama, CEO Pranashama Institute

Dashama is the creator of Pranashama Vinyasa Yoga System (The Prasha Method) which includes 10 unique yoga workshops to balance, strengthen and heal including:

1. Grounding Down to Rise Up - 1st Chakra Vinyasa

2. Surfing the Waves of Emotion - 2nd Chakra Vinyasa

3. Fire of Transformation - 3rd Chakra Vinyasa

4. Stretch Your Heart - 4th Chakra Vinyasa

5. Mantra Vinyasa - 5th Chakra Vinyasa

6. Spiral Inward to Expand Outward - 6th Chakra Meditation

7. Wearing the Crown of Freedom - 7th Chakra Inversions

8. Detox Vinyasa Flow - All levels

9. Thai Yoga Prana Flow - Partner Yoga Massage

10. Partner Yoga Team Building

Dr. Ninu

Dr. Quirk currently practices medicine in Hawaii and New Jersey.  Her career has been about helping people from all walks of life, from the poor and illiterate to the rich and famous, in the US and in the developing world.  Experience has shown her that all people are indeed the same and that everyone's health benefits when they receive loving kindness.  In the past, she had organic farms in Hawaii that grew roses, tropical fruits, spices and vegetables.   Learn more about her work here: Website

Contact Dr. Quirk drquirk@openmindedmd.com

Dr. Ninu-Alexandri Quirk, MD

We are excited to have Dr. Ninu-Alexandri Quirk joining us in Bali in 2012.  Dr. Quirk is board certified in both family medicine and integrative holistic medicine.  She has over 15 years experience practicing medicine with emphasis on holistic therapy, nutrition and psychology to help patients overcome addictions and many other behavior related disorders that lead to disease, sickness and poor health. 

Dr. Quirk will be teaching anatomy, physiology and nutrition, as well as performing physical exams and health assessments for all Pranashama participants on the first and last days of the 30 day program.  She will be present to help anyone who becomes ill or injured.  And she will be available as a health coach for private consultations, working with you to examine your life patterns and create an activating plan for you to amp up your vitality and thrive in your daily life.  

 Dave Smyth - RYT 500

Co-founder (with Suzanne Young) of Pranashama Studio, in Ramsey, Isle of Man, UK.

Dave Smyth brings such joy and love to his classes, he has a line around the block waiting to get in! With a lifetime of experience as a professional motor cross athlete in UK, a musical career with his most recent CD hitting the top of the charts in UK in summer 2011, Dave is a creative genius and a great man to know. He will be assisting the 30 Day Training in Bali, 2012.

Connect with Dave on FACEBOOK