The Teaching of Pranashama:

is a global family of like minded loving yogis dedicated to creating a great life at the service of others. Our friendly and brilliant teachers are here to make this world a better place for us all to live - one heart at a time. We look forward to inviting you into our family as a new friend or upon your graduation as a certified Pranashama yoga teacher. Pranashama teachers are often selected by Dashama to assist at retreats and trainings, as well as for leadership positions for our numerous programs and partnerships worldwide. This is a career you can grow with and take as far as your heart desires to go!

{Pranashama Yoga Institute | Founder}

Dashama - ERYT, CPT, CTYT, BAC

CEO of Pranashama Yoga Institute, Dashama the author of Journey to Joyful and 5 other books, 11 yoga DVDs and the creator of 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Perfect 10 Lifestyle. An innovator in the field of Mind, Body, Spiritual Fitness, she has worked, consulted for and/or been sponsored by Sony Motion Picture Studios, GoPro, Zico, Nike, prAna, Puma, Clinton Global Initiatives amongst other world known brands. She has created numerous programs, videos, dvds, & books to spread the healing, blessings of prevention through yoga and healthy lifestyle. Featured in Wall Street Journal, Cosmo, Teen Vogue, ABC, NBC, Discovery Channel, etc. 

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{Pranashama Yoga Institute | Certified Teachers} 

Dave Smyth - RYT 500

Founder of the Pranashama Yoga Studio, in Ramsey, Isle of Man, UK. 

Dave Smyth brings such joy and love to his classes, he has a line around the block waiting to get in! With a lifetime of experience as a professional motor cross athlete in UK, a musical career with his most recent CD hitting the top of the charts in UK in summer 2011, 

Dave is a creative genius and a great man to know. He will also be assisting in Maui and Bali, 2017. 

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Isle of Man, UK

Gauri - RYT 500

Gauri is a Mantra Instructor, 500 hour ERYT yoga teacher and a Jyotisha (eastern astrologer).  Jyotish means eyes or light of God or the Universe.  Gauri has been practicing yoga, mantra and meditation for over 16 years.  A few years ago she also started doing pujas.  Her mantra training was influences by Namadeva and Gauri has spent years in India chanting millions of mantras.  Gauri spent most of the last seven years in India at her guru's ashram chanting mantras as well as doing other austerities which makes her teaching very authentic and brings the shakti (spiritual energy) to the students from the associated lineage as a gurukula or satsang, As a Jyotisa, she was trained in India directly by a monastic. Gauri's mission is to use Jyotish to help people understand their karma and spiritual lessons for this lifetime and then use mantras to help burn their karma and work towards liberation.

Jasmine Margreno - RYT 500

Jasmine completed her 500 hour teacher training with Dashama in Bali the summer of 2015.  She teaches a fun loving energetic flow with emphasis on pranayama and alignment. You will leave feeling balanced, aligned and a happy heart full of gratitude for your practice and life. Since her training, she has moved into a deeper role with the Pranashama Institute assisting Dashama in online trainings and workshops. She has a zest for life, travel and spreads her joy in abundance everywhere she ventures.

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Alexis Rae - RYT 500

Alexis is a free-spirited gypsy goddess, born and raised on an island in Maine (USA). She's passionate about traveling and raising consciousness with the intention of  transforming and bettering the planet. Her deep connection with nature is an evident part of her being and clearly shines through her teaching. You will be welcomed with a big smile and a warm heart. Alexis creates an atmosphere to inspire you to unveil your truest self: pose by pose & breath by breath opening up like the jewel of the lotus flower. She weaves her love of unique new age elements to practice such as goddess oracle cards, essential oils, Tibetan singing bowls, fully charged crystals, incense, and self made smudge sticks into her classes. Expect strong aspects of self-transformation, affirmations, powerful pranayama and breath work, chi flow, vinyasa and yin yoga with guided relaxations and meditations in savasana. Alexis’ class is always a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling lighter in your heart and more grounded in your truth. 

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Tara Young - RYT 500

Tara is the most nurturing and loving woman, who brings that energy to her classes and to all whom she meets. She radiates sweet kindness. Her classes are relaxing and spiritual, sprinkled with some challenge and fun.

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Danell Dwaileebe - RYT 500

Danell is the chillest yogi from San Diego! She is fun, playful and strong. Her classes are both challenging and relaxing, as she interweaves her own philosophy and experience into each class. She is based in sunny San Diego and offers many classes on a weekly basis.

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Stian Backe - RYT 200

Stian is a talented guy from Norway seeking adventures around every corner. He is currently living and teaching yoga in Bergen. Inspired by his many activities such as rock climbing and wave surfing, his classes are refreshing and smooth. They will further your attention to movement, posture and mental focus.
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Zarmina Faisal Salman RYT-300

A creative and instrospective soul, Zarmina likes to bring her daily thoughts onto the mat as themes – they might go from strong empowering warrior vinyasa flows, to a lesson on complete surrender as a Yin Practise. She likes to incorporate elements from other fitness disciplines into her yoga practise, as well as add food for thought in the form of quotes, poems, song lyrics and words. Blending her love for movement with words on the mat, she likes to keep changing it up and make sure no two classes feel the same.
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Suzanne Young
- RYT 200 

Suzanne is the owner of The Gym at Ramsey in the Isle of Man, UK. She is a certified yoga & pilates instructor as well as an avid equestrian. Her lovely horse Athena is the joy of her life. Her classes are powerful, challenging, fun and engaging. The gym is more of a community center, including a cafe, sauna and frequent workshops and evens on the schedule. 

Be sure to check out her website at:

Katerina "Katja" Flakstad - RYT 200

Katja is a champion pole dancing competitor and studio owner from Oslo, Norway who embodies strength, flexibility and courage. She teaches in multiple languages and challenges her students to find the strength within despite any obstacles. She is fun, powerful and a joy to experience in person.

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Diana Grey - RYT 200
is a passionate Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer in love with anything to do with health and fitness and believes practising yoga regularly enables us to be the balanced, calm, strong and loving beings we were born to be
. She also holds certifcates in Kinesiology, Massage and Aromatherapy and enjoys bush walking around the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula, Australia.
Kate "Satya Sunfire" - RYT 200

Kate teaches Pranashama Yoga in her home town Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She is also a hooping dance goddess and has mad skills. Her teaching style is loving, spiritual and challenging.

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Felipe Cortes - RYT 200

Originally from Columbia, Felipe is also a master and teacher of Hapkido. He is finishing his college degree in Boston and was selected out of thousands of applicants to teach Pranashama Yoga and Hapkido at Northeastern University, a very prestigeous honor at an ivy league school. 

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Monika Le Roy - RYT 200

Monika is an international peace activist working for women's social justice in underprivileged nations. Her upbeat, fun, playful personality comes out in her classes, which she shares in countries around the world on her travels. Her courageous spirit, strength and confidence come across in everything she does and she is most often the life of the party.

Dan Immel - RYT 200

Dan is a world traveling musician, as the lead basist for one of Cirque du Soliel's most widespread shows "Saltimbanco". Being on the road 8-10 months out of the year, Dan balances his rockstar life with Pranashama yoga. He loves photography and is also developing some Nada Yoga sound healing music to be released soon. Check out his travel pics by connecting with him on FACEBOOK

Mahaliyah Grace- RYT 200

Mahaliyah's approach to yoga is one that is organically balanced- focusing on deep acknowledgment of the guru within, surrendering to any challenges that arrive, and keeping it light in honoring the joy that yoga is meant to bring. She guides by emphasizing that this is YOUR practice and encourages an allowance for the practice to serve its wisdom in various ways. Visit to contact and catalyze this amazing vortex to converge with yours!

Malgorzata Booth - RYT 200


Zsa Zsa as we call her, has been an active fitness buff for most of her life. Originally from Poland, she currently resides in Washington DC where she is attending Oriental Medical School and teaching Pranashama Yoga.

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Leigh Adams - RTY 200

Leigh is a successful young stock broker in London with a passion for yoga. His loving, kind and fun nature really shines through in his classes. Whether he is taking you through a challenging sequence or making you roll on the mat in laughter, he spices you up and leaves you begging for me. Don't be surprised if you fall in love with this adorable Brit.

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Cindy Andersen - RYT 200

Cindy is a born leader, having managed some of the largest yoga and athletic clothing companies in the world, she is now dedicated to sharing the practice of yoga through her unique high energy fitness based Pranashama classes. She also loves to teach Paddle Board Yoga. This dynamo is fun, uplifting and a delight to be around. Check her out at: 

Jade Montana - RYT 200

Jade's classes are fun, upbeat and challenging. She incorporates her inspiring music that moves you to try new things and connect with yourself, get fit and experience yoga in a new way. Based in Bridgetown, Barbados, she is currently teaching in her home country UK.

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Lindsay Nance - RYT 200

Lindsay brings her motivational messages into her yoga classes. Her classes are challenging, fitness oriented and geared to uplift and inspire you.

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Lacey Leonard - RYT 200

Lacey has been with Pranashama Institute for several years as an intern. She brings with her many years of spiritual study as well as 2 degrees in religious studies from University of Virginia. Her classes are spiritual, fun and funky! She loves to mix her favorite music to share with her classes.

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Fiona - RYT 200

Fiona from Australia is a Goddess of pure sweetness! Her classes are full of livliness, energy and intention. 

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Avril Johnston RYT 200

Avril is from Ireland and her classes are full of fun, laughter and intensity. Expect to sweat and work your core! Connect with her on FACEBOOK 

Rebekah Poole RYT 200

Becky is from England and currently living and teaching in Bali. Her classes are fun, structured and will leave you feeling balanced in your body and mind. Connect with her on FACEBOOK  

Kristyna Tomesova  - RYT 200

Kristyna is from London and her classes are full of magic, imagination and fairy dust. She is truly a creative, beautiful soul and you will embark upon a journey in her classes. Connect with her on FACEBOOK 

Pollyana Caldas Xavier Leaver - RYT 200

Polly is from Brazil and currently living and teaching in Whales, UK. 

Her classes are dynamic, spiritual and uplifting. You will feel her

deep connection with yoga and experience an incredible workout

as well. Connect with her at:

Persiana Burns - RYT 200

Persiana lives and teaches in NYC. Her classes are creative, fluid and perfect for stiff new yogis! Connect with her on FACEBOOK