:: Sample Daily Schedule & Meals ::

6-7am | Optional Miracle Morning Meditation & Mantra Practice

7:00-9:00am | Pranashama Yoga Class ending with Meditation (Each day we practice one of the Prasha Method workshops Starting at Root Chakra and moving up each day to 7th)

9:00-10:00am | Breakfast

10:00-1:00pm | Workshops (Thai Yoga, Partner Yoga, Detox Yoga Flow, Anatomy, Meditation, Nutritional Healing, etc)

1:00pm | Smoothies & Elixirs

1:00-4:00pm | Excursions, Free Time, Yoga Class or Optional Workshops

4:00pm | Smoothies & Elixirs

4:00-6:30pm | Pranashama Yoga Class (Yin, Restorative or Healing)

7:00pm | Dinner (see below for sample meals)

8:00pm | Rest & Free time

"I have been practicing yoga for six years, Dashama's yoga is by far my favorite! Her peaceful yet powerful style is the most enjoyable I have ever experienced. 

                              -'Yo Pal' Hal Elrod,
               Creator of: The Miracle Morning
                 Author of: Taking Life Head On

 "I attended a yoga retreat with Dashama and had a blast! I was very impressed with her constant focus on going above and beyond for the group! Thank you Dashama!" 

~ Matt Recore, DC, USA
Hedge Fund Owner

 Sample Meals Menu

Breakfast: Organic Fruits (berries, coconut water, green tea, yerba mate, oatmeal, steamed or raw veggies, fresh juices, probiotics, aloe water, etc.

Green Smoothies/Elixirs: Recipes from Dashama's Green Smoothie Diet Book - Spa Cooler, Choca-maca, Pina Colada, Tummy Soother etc.

Dinner: Following Dashama's Detox Energy Diet - Fresh Organic Super food Salads, Steamed or Sauteed Veggies, Vegan Protein Options (tempeh, Edamame or Quinoa based), Seaweed salads and other macrobiotic options. Coconut Water, Tea or Water + Berries Optional for Dessert.

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