:: What is Pranashama? ::

Pranashama - Sacred life force energy that calms the mind.
Prana - sacred life force energy | Shama - calming of the mind

Pranashama, created by Dashama, is a unique fusion yoga style that integrates the following elements: 

  • Yoga | Ashtanga/Vinyasa
  • Fitness | Functional Core
  • Dance | Modern
  • Martial Arts | Qi Gong, Kung Fu
  • Healing Arts | Thai Yoga Massage
  • Meditation | guided Yoga Nidra
  • Philosophy | Buddhist, Zen and Tantric

This combined with our love of adventure, travel, nature, cutting edge anti-aging rituals, nutritional and cleansing practices create a perfect environment to "Discover the Fountain of Youth" and create a lifestyle
based upon excellent health, service to humanity and living life with joy.