Kids Yoga Adventure DVD

 What is Included?

  • Anatomy for Kids
  • Standing Poses
  • Seated Poses
  • Poses on the Mat
  • Magic Carpet Meditation
  • Candle Meditation
  • Bonus Om Circle

Kids Yoga Adventure is Dashama’s unique sequence of fun, interactive and playful yoga poses guaranteed to get your kids moving and liberating their creativity and self expression.

With poses for balancing, stretching, strengthening the body, breathing exercises like lions breath and fun meditations like candle gazing to improve focus and discipline, this is a must for all kids ages 5+. Practice along with your kids with Yoga Family Funtime partner yoga dvd and connect in a new way guaranteed to create close bonds for a lifetime.

Kids Yoga Benefits:
  • Improves Balance,
  • Mental Focus,
  • Enhances Ability to Concentrate
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety
  • Improves Flexibility and
  • Strengthens Muscles + much more!

No previous experience required. Open to all levels of fitness ability. No equipment required, yoga mat suggested. Drink plenty of water and practice in a quiet relaxing place. 

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Why is this DVD important? And Why Now?

Today more then 60% of children living in America and the Western Society are suffering from preventable health issues such as obesity, diabetes, stress and anxiety. Medications and traditional methods are not helping this epidemic. School systems across the USA have cut physical education out for budgetary reasons. It is time for natural solutions and ancient proven remedies to take place of ineffective drugs to bring our children back into balance. This combined with healthy food and love can cultivate our children to grow up happy, healthy and strong.

Kids are natural yogis. They are curious and willing to try new things. Kids Yoga Adventure is the safe, fun and effective workout for any kid.

This DVD was originally released back in 2009 and has reached thousands of kids and families around the world through Target, Walmart, Barnes&Noble and other trusted retailers. When we sold out of copies in 2011, I decided to upgrade the production by remastering the audio quality and improving the menu design.

The 1st release contained 2 DVDs, but this re-release will include just the single DVD of Kids Yoga Adventure and to be more green ALL customers will receive special free bonuses with their order including:
Yoga Family Funtime and the Bali Orphanage Documentary film video downloads.

In addition to this, we are partnering up with some of the greatest and most powerful children's charities to raise funds for their causes and reach more kids and families. With a team, everything is possible, so let's join together and make a great impact in the lives of our children.

The children are our future. They deserve this. We can all do our part.

I am happy to be able to offer these DVDs in bulk sales, at wholesale prices - so we can reach more kids and families. If you purchase a box of 10, you will receive a 50% per unit discount. You can give these as gifts and stocking stuffers for  the holidays and to those you feel would benefit. There is no greater gift then that of happiness and health. This offers both of those gifts plus inspiration and an opportunity to experience a deeper connection with family and community.

Thank you in advance for doing your part and sharing the love. Pay it forward and you will always be blessed.
Love and Namaste,

Testimonials & Success Stories

Hey Dashama, just letting you know my 4 year old daughter 'Rosa' loves your kids yoga dvd, we received it 2 days ago and as soon as I get home she insists we put her dvd on, it's wonderful watching her. The first evening we did it together, and tonight as soon as I walked in the door she insisted we do yoga together. It's beautiful to watch her tuning into you." ~Thank you - Carmen :)

Dashama's Kids Yoga DVD is so fun my daughter comes home begging me to put it on for her after school!" ~ Jackie, WA

Well I can tell you that starting Angelika in Yoga when she was 2 at home with me has aided in raising her as a well rounded individual. She has learned patience, self control, increased her focus ability and has been very good for her physically. These are important lessons that I felt I wanted to teach her and Yoga was the best way to do it. Yoga has such diversity that it does not matter how young or old you are. You can always benefit!" ~ Jenna Barber, FL

Photogallery from Kids Yoga DVD and Balinese Orphans
Previous Media from Dashama's Events & TV Show Pilots
"Transform Your Life with Dashama" TV Show

In this pilot episode of her reality tv show, Dashama goes into Kimberly and Isaac's home and teaches them yoga, healthy eating, meditation and relaxation practices to help them cope with Isaac's Leukemia. The great news is, after 1 year, Isaac is now off of Chemo, his cancer is in remission and Kimberly and Isaac's father practice yoga with Isaac now as a way to bond.

Kids Yoga Charity Event - Florida 2010 is a charity organization that raises funds and leads events for foster children and orphans in USA and internationally as well. This video was filmed at an event that took place to raise money for the Milagro Center, a school for Haitian and Dominican under privileged children in Delray Beach, FL. Dashama also donated the Kids Yoga Adventure DVDs to all the kids and a lot of money was raised. Thank you for all of your generosity and support!