Name Isabelle Perez

Essay As a certified yoga instructor, I can be the catalyst for the kind of change in students lives that I have experienced from my own yoga practice.  I have been practicing faithfully for years but, as a single parent, have not had the resources to afford the certification. I would like to share the philosophy, wisdom and techniques learned to effectively help others grow their practice, inspire them, help them heal from injuries and prevent injuries and assist them in learning to breath and meditate.  Ultimately teaching, sharing, healing and helping others through my knowledge and love of yoga.


Name Ariana Brandao

Essay I have been dreaming of a better world since I was a younger girl, and am seeking how I can help humans be happier and kinder beings. Yoga has offered profound healing in my relationship with food. It's been four years since I have been cultivating the dream of wanting to be a yoga teacher. I will continue to share and offer the gift of yogic teachings and invite others to indulge in their own practice and self exploration. I could offer so much more to the world around me with the learning experience of yoga teacher training. Namasté.


Name Ashlie Ludick


I am extremely passionate about the practice, about the connection, about the compassion, about the awareness that yoga can, and does, bring me and others every day. My life has been changed for the better, by yoga. Yoga can change lives. It can make you both emotionally and physically healthier, stronger, and more balanced. It can motivate people to make better choices in their lives. Yoga can light the way to be more compassionate, more serving, more concerned, more human. Coming from that place we can help others do the same. Yoga is not exercise, it's a way of life. I would love to be a teacher to challenge others to better their lives and help them find a passion in something so great! 

Name Kaylee Strange

Essay I am a special education teacher at a school with severe behaviors. These students have been expelled from their districts and are looking for someone to guide them to peace within their lives. I believe that my students will benefit hugely from a daily yoga practice. I have been practicing daily for about a year now and would love to take my practice to a teacher level. Once I am certified, I will feel confident in my abilities to guide my students through their practice. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Name sophie heywood


My name is Sophie and I would love to win the teacher training because currently I am training to be a yoga therapist and I would love the experience of this training to further enhance my skill set and enable me to help and teach a wider audience. I am passionate about working with people who are battling mental illnesses (particularly depression, eating disorders, chronic pain, trauma and abuse) through yoga and I think issues like depression and stress and tricky relationships with food affect a huge number of people and with additional yoga training I can better help them. 

Thank you for this opportunity!

Name Jessica Fenbow

Essay Three schools, one diploma, plenty of knowledge, no fulfilling livelihood. When I become trained as a yoga teacher I will utilize everything I’ve learned to help others find balance physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga is something that has helped me out of my darkest times and promoted so much healing in my life. It’s something that helps balance me when I’m out of alignment and help me reflect on what’s important. Its something that I want to share with others—to help them see that this is a sacred practice, not a perfect, competitive sport, and something that can meet everyone exactly where they are.


Name Georgiana Vasiliu

 Yoga has changed my life in a wonderful way, both physically and mentally, helping me fight depression  and embrace life and all its wonders. This is what I want to give back to the world, all the joy and bliss I have learnt to receive. 
My goal and dream is to travel the world doing yoga, teaching yoga and raising awareness on how climate change affects our environment and what we can do to preserve endangered species, ecosystems, and native communities across the planet.  In order to live happy, fulfilled lives, we must protect and help our home-beautiful blue planet-be healthy again. 



Essay I first got into yoga when I started university in 2013 and I am so glad I did. Halfway through the year my boyfriend became really ill and was eventually diagnosed with brain cancer. On top of this, we almost lost him when he had a very serious seizure. During all of this I used the tools of yoga to try to keep myself calm despite how frightening everything was.

Luckily, Oli pulled through and is now clear of cancer, each check up is an emotional rollercoaster for me as it is a reminder of everything we have been through, but I always jump on the mat to calm down and breathe.

If I was to win this training, I would love to be able to give back by giving free lessons to medical staff and to patients - including and maybe most especially to those in mental health wards. I know yoga helps calm the mind and it also helps to work out the frustrations that we have from our lives. It has definitely helped me get through some of the most challenging moments in my life!
Name Colter Tope

Essay In order to tap into my gifts, follow my bliss and find my dharma, I ditched my life to discover my deeper self. I’ve felt the fears, heard the inner critic and still persisted with unbroken faith. A year later, I am ready to step into my higher self and inspire. I am on the path to becoming a health coach and believe yoga training would encompass what my heart stands for. I deliberately create my life with mindfulness and gratitude, allowing spirit to flow through me. My goal is leading women’s retreats, tied with nutrition, yoga and self-love. 


Name Stephanie Campbell

Essay I know how much need there is near me and I can make a difference in my surrounding communities. I have a criminal justice degree and worked with people on probation for a short time before deciding to teach yoga and meditation.. I plan to use my certification to volunteer with a local studio that teaches yoga in prison. I also plan to teach affordable yoga to those that might not otherwise be able to afford it (single moms, college students, people in more rural areas). I'd like to expose people to yoga and meditation that may have never experienced it before, but could use lessons it teaches the most. Lastly, I would like to offer to teach meditation and yoga to some of the volunteers near me so that they can relieve some of the stress they experience and continue their good work. Thank you for your consideration.
Name Jennifer

Essay Yoga saved my life. At least the life I was used to living. I was dealing with spinal issues limiting me from hiking and riding horses. My doctor suggested surgery. My life coach suggested yoga. I hike and ride weekly, headed to the Appalachian Trail in October.  I would love to share what yoga can do for you with others like it was shared with me! (PS no surgery and my doctor is amazed)


Name Faith Ramirez

Essay I'm an intuitive transformational life coach  who feels her purpose is to be a guide for others in their awakening process.

Through my own self-work, I have discovered my truth. One of the many tools I used was yoga, in order to tap into my inner self.  I would love the opportunity to refine my craft as a yoga teacher as I believe yoga is a modality of healing.  Together we can help heal the world, one person at a time.

I would be honored to do my 200 hour teacher training with you as I very much enjoy your work.
Name Astrid Castens

This amazing opportunity combines 4 of my BIGGEST passions, Traveling, Yoga, community and helping others. I want to win because being a yoga teacher goes beyond just teaching, it will give me the opportunity to help people, spread good vibes, happiness learn more about it deepening my personal practice as well. Yoga is a big part of my life, I have learned so much! it has helped me to become more positive, aware, happier, and I truly enjoy it and I want others to feel the same. When I get certified I would love to create my own health retreats around the world spreading positivity, sense of community and happiness as well as keep learning everyday a bit more. 

Name Martyn Castens

Being introduced to yoga has changed my life immensely, it's taught me to find happiness in stillness, joy in discomfort, and positive vibes in everyone. Becoming a teacher and being able to share that passion, the knowledge to help and support others in need is invaluable. People tend to overcomplicate life, they tend to loose focus on what is most important "happiness", being able to guide and instruct others to live their life healthier and with more sustained joy seems to be calling me and Yoga my outlet. After becoming a teacher I would make sure to pass along the knowledge, to provide outlets for individuals to learn and experience yoga, pass along the wonderful gift that was given to me. Create a community, an outlet for people to enjoy and learn to live life to it's fullest potential.
Name pascale boone

Essay My journey on the path of yoga has started about 15 years ago. It has become a way of living. Living consciously from the heart aligned with the infinite. Every yoga/life moment is one of discovering more of the vast ocean of potential which is hidden in each and every one of us. Inspiring people to tap into their potential has been such a blessing/gift  to learn more about myself, about the others, and to experience how our relationship with all that lives is so beautifully interconnected on a deep level.  Our body is a beautiful vessel  that allows us  to let the beauty of our soul to shine out. It is my service and wish to explore more on this adventurous journey of yoga and to share and inspire everybody who crosses my path. For this reason i would lovvvvvve to attend your yoga teachers training course
Name Al Ferguson

Essay Yoga represents the most extensive and thorough science of living in the history of the world. By studying and teaching yoga, I am helping others to find their connection to the Source, that part of them that never changes. It is this part of us that is connected to all people and all things. When we cultivate an awareness of this connection, we begin to leave exclusion behind and embrace reality as it is. Rather than relying on our fallible physical senses, we can now trust the knowing that comes with connection. The ego becomes nothing more than a tool for existing in the current physical reality, rather than an all important means to an end that must be protected at all costs. If I can help others move, even a little bit, in this direction then I know that I am making the world a better place to live in. 


Name Daisy Kaur

Essay I am so honored to apply for this scholarship as I have a great passion for yoga. I respect yoga because of its spiritual and physical elements and how it helps to heal me from the inside and outside. Yoga is the best thing  I have ever discovered and received in my life. To be able to be a certified Yoga instructor, would be a dream come true as I will be able to motivate and inspire people with the right principles of Yoga. I love to inspire, motivate and bring a change into people's lives for the better. I have been wanting to do this but I did not have the funds, which is why I immediately jumped with excitement after finding out the scholarship offer you are putting out there. Thank you for considering me as a candidate, I will not disappoint you:)

Name Cfayla Johnson

Essay I feel I should win the scholarship not because I am the best yogi but I am one of the most faithful and long lasting yogis.  I practice daily and have for several years.  Yoga brings empowerment and joy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  I would like to specialize in stand up paddleboarding yoga because this is also my passion.  I already promote the benefits of yoga on my website and in my new book "Sex and Chocolate:rebirth to ultrawellness".  I especially want to go to Bali for my onsite training.


Name Esther Lijesen

Essay I’m working as a Cognitive Behavioral therapist in the Netherlands. For years it has been at my mind to do a yoga-teacher training, but because I already have a job and enjoy doing yoga so much, I decided to just enjoy it and don’t make it a job. A coupe of months ago I changed my mind, and thought it would be a good thing to do. I enjoy it so much and I believe it could be beneficial for a lot of my clients. This month I read an article about working as a yoga-therapist and now this week I can enter your contest. It feels like this is a good year to start the training.


Name Jill Kiefer

Essay I would be humbled and grateful to be chosen as a recipient of this scholarship. I am a third grade teacher in Ohio. Over 50% of the students at my school are on free and reduced lunch. Many students have difficult home lives and come to school with heavy emotional burdens. Third graders must also pass a standardized reading test for promotion to 4th grade. This puts a great deal of stress on 9 year olds and myself as a teacher. My regular yoga practice has helped me manage my stress. I have started incorporating some yoga with my students also. I would love to be able to share yoga with my teaching team as we work closely together to meet student needs. With 2 kids in college and 2 younger children at home, I would so appreciate this opportunity!


Name Jennifer Money

This is for my next chapter in life.  I will be an empty nester soon and I desire this opportunity in my life.  I have the availability, drive and compassion to do this.  I am a seasoned nurse and avid health minded person. Education is one of my greatest loves and gifts that I have been blessed with, which has enhanced my career.  Moving forward, I want to be an inspiration to all walks of people and share/teach the art of yoga and benefits. I look forward to this adventure.  

Name carolyn evans

Yoga has been a huge part of my growth and self discovery over the last 5 years. Iv been longing to travel and dive deeper into my practice and spiritual growth. I have a strong pull to teach and share all I have learned over the years. I feel it's my purpose in this life to share and connect with as many beings as possible, to assist and guide people in healing, growth and connection on a deep level. My partner has been diving deep into energy work and becoming a spiritual mentor and our dreams for the future are to open a healing center where people can come to practice yoga and other forms of movement, have a safe space to be vulnerable and express themselves and their truth. We want to create a real community of this nature. I believe this yoga teacher training would compliment my desires and help us to manifest this dream into reality. Not always having the finances to continue our growth and education has been a bit of a struggle for us. It's sometimes challenging to have a vision so strong and yet not the right resources to support it. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for such a wonderful and meaningful give a away.   If I happen to be the one who wins, my absolute promise is to make this world a better place through the practice of yoga!
Name Galateia Panousi

My name is Galateia Panousi and i am from a small town called Preveza in Greece.
I am so excited that you give such an opportunity for someone to attend a 200 hour teacher training, as not only is it a scholarship, but also a great travel /tour to such wonderful places like hawaii, costa rica and bali that are life-changing destinations! I have tried to attend a teacher training, here in Greece in 2015, but i was diagnosed with breast cancer, a "situation" that has changed my life and all my programmed dreams. Now, after almost 2 years, i feel ready to catch up with life and efficient enough to deal with any difficulty a teacher training program might have. After that, i would like to begin my journey as a yoga instructor in my hometown for everyone that needs guidance and off course other women that survived breast cancer.
Thank you again so much for the opportunity, 
Name Jennifer Ren Stodel

My first encounter with yoga was at age 16 when a friends mother hosted a swami at her home. He also gave me a mantra, "AUM mane pad me hum" which I practiced.

Then when I was at university I attended a weekend yoga camp and I so enjoyed the people and the course .

I then joined a sivananda yoga centre  and went to regular classes for a few years.

I am an artist, writer, poet, astrologer, psychic, clairvoyant and doctor of herbal traditional African medicine.

Now that my children have all grown up and left home, and I am 62 years young , I have the time and the freedom (as I'm single!)
To do a course like the yoga teachers course. I think it would add value to my own health and to my clients health. I have many clients from all over the world.

Name Victoria Avery

I truly believe we are all interconnected with each other and the universe, and as an empath, this feels like a beautiful and universal, higher level of caring. 

Being someone who has always helped others, I know I could and would be able to give and help more through you. Essentially, you would help others thorough me.

I am one who can see beauty all around and have been told by many that there is a glowing light around me. I would simply adore bringing that light in a more wonderful way and your gift of training would allow this to happen and me to blossom.
Name BluesparrowYoga

I found out about Dashama when I was first training to become a yoga teacher. I had just looked in UDEMY to become a part of the 40 hour transformational course that she offered. I found myself crying tears of connection as she spoke in her introduction as I realised that we shared a similar heart and outlook in life. I felt she had so much to offer me on my own journey.

I took the course, followed Dashama on Facebook and she encouraged me on one of her live videos to not be afraid to take the exam at the end.

I did this and passed and got my certificate. 

I just love to integrate so many therapies with teaching yoga.
Aromatherapy, coaching, spiritual life, looking within, making the best of bad situations. I would love to get a deeper confidence in my teaching and my personal offerings as a coach and yoga teacher.

When I saw this opportunity I was very excited.  Please consider me in your applications,

Name Emma Pietkiewicz

Yoga has changed my life and has made me a more loving, kind and compassionate person to others and most importantly to myself! Growing up I dealt with some adversities with my dad in afghanistan, an unsettling relationship with my mom and then a later divorce of my parents. I worked extremely hard to go to UCSD where I studied global health and Spanish. I found yoga my freshman year when I was under pressure and felt almost depressed in a way. Stepping on my mat for the first time was just the beginning of a transformational journey. It took me about two years to learn to actually breath and through that experience I learned to not compare myself to others. I will always remember this one yoga class where the instructor came over me in Shavasana and pushed on my chest and exclaimed "breathe!" When I released breath that first time and went into a state of peace I knew that this spiritual journey would help my life in a way that I could not imagine. I now practice yoga every single day because I realize that it allows me to appreciate this life, be mindful, be kind and open myself up to opportunities to help others. Over the past summer I traveled to Ecuador were I taught English in indigenous communities. I have always been in love with Latin culture and I hope to one day open up a yoga retreat and wellness hotel in some Latin country to transform the lives of others in a positive, loving and nonjudgmental environment! 

Name Brigitte Aucoin

I discovered yoga about 10 years ago, I instantly fell in love with it's principles. As a hyper flexible person, I did try out different teachers before I really found a teacher who understood how to direct my practice, once I did I was hooked and learned to strengthen the muscles around my joints. Yoga also brought me to a more spiritual life, which now includes daily meditation and spiritual practice, but it has also been a big part in my recovery from scoliosis, and a 3 inch gain in height due to my spine straitening. It has also been essential the last 3 years in my recovery from a massive car accident. I feel like all the experiences I have gone through have given me so much understanding about how bodies can heal, be healthy, how to be patient and take every day for what it is and also an appreciation for how powerful yoga can be in helping healing not just on a physical level but on an emotional and spiritual level. I have been teaching dance for 5 years now, and have opened my own studio called Happy Soul Dance Studios. I feel I now also have things to share and teach about yoga and would love to get certified and start offering yoga at my dance studio. I think the training would be a great challenge and a great opportunity.

Name Alex Clarke

Yoga brought me back to life. As a homeless teenager who survived an attempted murder, yoga helped me manage PTSD. After training, I would teach the women who attend my survivors group -

The Women’s Playgroup, that I run on a voluntary basis for other survivors. I would also dedicate to writing my second book on my training journey, my first book (published by 6 th Books) looks at healing through the creative arts, this one would look at healing through yoga. Training me would training many, I’ll pay the gift forward in as many ways possible.


Amber DiPietro

This is a calling from my heart. My life is pretty stressful, I have high anxiety and I think yoga would change my life and I could change the lives of others. I yearn to make a difference in people's lives and help them grow I think becoming a yoga instructor I could enlighten individuals because the burning passion I have in my heart. I, myself can grow and find peace and share that with whom ever allows me the opportunity. I have a desire to become one with my body and mind, explore earth in itself and to share all my knowledge with the world. It would be a gift from the universe for me to be able to fulfill this dream.

Thank you for the opportunity.

NameTascha Flowers

Yoga started as a recovery tool for me as a teenager struggling with an eating disorder. I tried many different forms of therapy, but the strength and comfort I found in yoga was a real game changer! 
As well as being healing, yoga has also taught me to be playful. I often come off the mat feeling like the truest, most child-like, winning, kick-ass version of me! I want to unlock that potential and super-hero feeling to others! I’d love to teach beginners, and young people too. I know yoga can empower and heal people and make life more fun :D

Name Graciela Lopez

Hello my name is Graciela, I am a family physician and I started doing yoga about six years ago through a class offered at work but before that my initial experience with yoga was through a PBS television program.  I was flipping through channels on a Saturday morning when I came across this chair yoga program and I decided to follow along and after completing the practice I turned off the television and I felt so relaxed, calm, it was a peaceful feeling. My mid-week class at work always helped me center myself, reconnect with myself and my breath and since then I've always tried to encourage friends, family, and patients to practice yoga not only for it's weight loss benefits but also for its mindfulness benefits. As a family physician I would like to incorporate yoga into my medical practice, teaching patients yoga poses and the power of breath that will make a difference in treating both their physical and emotional ailments.

Name Maureen Murphy

I would truly love to win this teacher training in yoga. I have been practicing yoga for many years and have always wanted to teach yoga, however conditioning and belief systems have for many years stood in my way, and held me back from trusting in the universe and following my heart, always playing safe and staying in jobs I don’t like.  
Since last year I began working with a family who run ‘Green Spiral’ a visionary project that hopes to provide people with the opportunity to see that there is an alternative way to change the world if we can first start with ourselves.

I have been helping during the Summer and Easter projects and it has really been amazing. I work with the children in the forest, but also teach meditation and introduce the groups to non-dual teachings for example of teachers like Mooji.  I do share some of my yoga with the families in a fun way using animal names to encourage stretching, but I would love to be properly trained so I could share more skills. Much gratitude to you and your team and thank you for this opportunity. 

Name Margaret Ducharme

I discovered at age 16 years old that I had scoliosis, a moderate spinal curve. It was instinctive that movement, stretching and yoga was good for my body and my soul and I have been on that path for some 40+ years. I recently retired from a rich career as a mental health practitioner and finally have the time to become a certified yoga instructor. I was fortunate to take a Restorative class for health care providers 10 years ago and have incorporated that into a group meditation that I offer to college students for free. My dream is to teach yoga and meditation to underserved populations who cannot afford or do not have physical access to yoga. Some of the folks I have in mind are low income Senior citizens, patients in treatment for substance use disorders and or mental health issues, people with chronic pain and/or a serious illness like cancer and those with scoliosis. I would like to be able to offer my classes for free so being awarded your scholarship would make my dream come true!

Thank you for your careful consideration.

Name Sarah Bowie

As a social worker, I have worked with youth who have severe trauma histories, including physical and/or sexual abuse, homelessness or involvement with foster care, witnessing violent deaths, and losing family members to gun violence and/or incarceration. My understanding of how one’s exposure to trauma shapes worldview, behavior & brain development has led me to see that talking does not always work for healing, but that movement, yoga, & mindfulness helps to heal & restore a sense of safety and balance.  I want to bring these practices to the youth and adults that I work with in the alternative high schools in Chicago.

Thank you for this opportunity.
Name mari sinopoli

A choice. Our every gifted breath holds a choice - live or merely exist. Fears bind bodies and shackle minds daily, and restrain us from living our maximum potential. I'm nearly thirty years old, new mother, lived a life most consider hell - yet my will to fight determined my today - alive and overflowing with love. I yearn for education, as I know my path leads to teach. I believe that with this scholarship  as you train me I will focus how to refine my vision for my own yoga practice. Including - disconnecting from perception and projections,  connecting to breath, chants and harmonizing with our Creator - Love needs nothing, seeks nothing, just is . If you are drawn to me, so will I be, as your winner.

Name Lindsey McCrum

Dear Dashama and her lovely Goddess Tribe,

I am a certified massage therapist and I LOVE educating people about their bodies and minds, so they can reconnect and feel amazing from the inside out.  If i can have an effect on one person with my positive energy and healing touch. I will also be able to give my message out to more souls  in a classroom setting and inspire their  relationship with themselves to blossom because unfortunately we were not taught any of this growing up. Teaching has been natural to me.
Whether its  teaching kids how to snow ski, about the environment, or hosting 30 day wellness groups about self love, ill do it.
I want to be apart of  change in the next generation to come and empower people, especially woman to be the best they can be.

Thanks for your time and consideration. It is very much appreciated. :)  

Name Abigail 

Bonjour greetings from France,

I writing this email 1 day before the closing date for the yoga scholarship and feel delighted that I have found some quiet time to focus. I see in my head an awakening in France coming, for some many years people here been blocked, when they feel unwell their first port of call is the doctors. They take their medicine and then suffer from side effects.  I'm planning in the next year to open a big wellness center, I want to bring peace, love, happiness and wellbeing to the people of south west France.  I want to help people feel free and to know how feeling good feels. I am currently working in a thermal spa massaging all day, I love my work, I feel at peace whilst I work but slowly my hands, arms and back are taking the strain. I want to continue to help others but at the same time help myself. I feel like a chance to change my professional life will help me to achieve this. I am currently doing yoga twice a week and it is a dream of mine to practice full time and help encourage the public to embrace their body, mind and soul.
Thank you for reading. 
Love and light
Name Lindsey McCrum-Allaway
Yoga and the relationship that it builds with your self worth and your getting yourself familiar with your body is something that goes unnoticed too often. Yoga has saved me in many times of hardships and I know that if i was granted this opportunity to teach people what i am learning, my passion will shine through and i can reach many hearts. My main goal would to help people feel empowered and unstoppable. I know that i am capable of doing so. Everything comes full circle and i fill up by giving love and strength to others.
Please give me the opportunity to shine! I will not let you or the world down.
Name Morgan Balavage

II am in a year of rebirth: in the past few months, a long-term relationship and a long-term career ended, and I have moved into a new home where I am creating my new life. Yoga has been a constant in my life for many years, and right now it is the practice that is keeping me rooted while the life that had become rote transforms into something terrifyingly new and beautiful. A teacher training with Dashama in a beautiful location will be the perfect way to compliment this process of my phoenix rising from her ashes to begin life anew. I intend to use this training to compliment my practice and pass along the resonant beauty of Dashama's wisdom to my students. 

Thanks kindly for your consideration
Name Jan Lindberg

Here’s why I should win! For the last 4 years I have been studying and
training within the field of self-development, META-Health, coaching
and therapy. I have a big passion for people and mental healthcare; I
have finally found my right place in life. Yet I feel like something
is missing. It’s been a lot about the mind and the mental, and now I
would like to add my body to it all, and what better way than to
integrate it through yoga?! Plus I am turning 30 on May 13th, so it
would also be the perfect birthday gift!

As to what I would then when I win and become trained and certified as
a yoga teacher, is to integrate with everything else I have learned,
and go out there and keep doing my best to help people to become the
best version of themselves. As yoga means union and unity, I would
like to assist uniting people, uniting the world, uniting mind, body
and soul and make people come together from a place of love and joy.

Name Hannah Thern

33 years old and things have been rough, ever since birth actually and also suffering from candida and leaky gut. But I'm standing and one of the reasons is YOGA. If I could and had the opportunity, I would spread the word around the world that you can heal from both physical and psychological damage with the yoga lifestyle. I am and still doing and I feel the joy of life finally! I feel that everything's possible and that I am strong, both mentally and physically  - I want that for everyone, but most of all, those who suffered like me!

Name Jose Rivera-Benitez

I have been in the practice of yoga for close to 4 years now. In that time I have learned the fundamentals of yoga and ayurveda from a fond group of instructors. The value of yoga is universal yet so many are so distant from the grand benefits of it. My intent in the pursuit to teach is to help create awareness of yogic practice so that the essence of life can be better understood by all . 

Understanding the significance of doshas, yamas and niyamas, energy flow, chakra balancing to relieve dis-ease, are just a few points of interest in the practice that have provided great sustenance to my being. My gratitude is to be able to share this knowledge and continue to expand my knowledge base for the benefit of all who I can inspire to know the so called secrets of being.
Name Robi Petrucci

If i were to be so lucky to receive this gift, i would make it my mission to continue to immerse myself into this field of wellness.
Being a certified holistic health coach, i feel if i obtained my yoga certification, it would allow me to "give" and expand so many more benefits to people.
In addition to guiding people on diet, exercise, relationships, and healthy living, i would love to share the benefits of yoga.
I would likely start out teaching at local yoga studios around me, but my true passion would be to be the traveling yogi!, a role model, exploring different people and cultures.
I have been practicing yoga for about 2 years, and really enjoy what i receive from it!

Name Candis Cornell, Psy.D.

Over the past few years, yoga has been a healing grace. I am truly thankful to have found the practice and, since 2015, I practice regularly. As a clinical health psychologist at the veterans administration, I use the concepts (breathing, mindfulness, stretching) found in yoga practice to help my patients manage issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. Being able to obtain certification as a yoga instructor, I would be able to bring the practice directly to my patients and truly have an integrated alternative medicine approach. Please help me learn and grow in this wonderful, life changing practice! 

Name Barbara Iakjan

I feel that I should win because I recently underwent a spiritual reawakening and realignment after my husband's epiphany. He begged me to attend a spiritual event and up until that point I had been staunchly opposed. But I <joyously> caved and the spiritual gates opened for me. The changes were subtle at first for me. Greater confidence. Open clarity. Enhanced understanding. In tuned awareness. I let go of unhealthful habits like smoking and drinking. I had always eaten healthy and exercised but now my body - my cells!- were in tune and receptive. I feel I should win because I know I can inspire others who are at critical paths and I understand the allures of modern culture. When I am a yoga teacher I will show everyone who chooses the path to let go and let spirit as I believe their strength, abilities and beliefs in their future.

Name Sharon Akers

I saw your "Journey to Joyful" yoga book in my local healthfood store a few years ago, and after flipping through it during varius visits I finally bought it. I was blown away by how deeply you get into the poses and how well you expressed personal recovery. It gave me courage and validation for my own journey. I have found freedom in yoga for over twenty years, taking classes here, there and everywhere and in the last few years very regulary. I took a local 200 hour teacher training last year partly inspired by your book hoping it would take me to the next level. In some ways it did. I know some more history and depth and better alignment, but I didn't gain the confidence I was hoping for. I teach once a week, and take classes three times a week but still feel like I am faking it. I want to make it!

Name Adriana Ahedo

Greetings from Mexico City!

There are two reason why I should win this training . 
I'm a physical therapist and 4 years ago I had breast surgery and from then wasn't able to work in the field. Started looking at yoga videos for my recovery. Wanted to take some courses but didn't have money. 
There was an opening to teach yoga at the ABC Hospital in Mexico City to a group of breast cancer survivors but wasn't chosen because I was not a certified yoga instructor even though I was a PT.

With this training I would be able to help people recover from any surgery and teaching will be my new way of living. 
Name Yacine Bell

My name is Yacine and I am 66 years young. I have been doing Yoga for 46 years non-stop. I am living testimony of the benefits of a yoga practice. I do not look nor feel my age and the largest part of my health and beauty I attribute to my practice.

In 2010 I had a lung removed. A surgery that requires hospitalization of 21 days I was out in 12. I meditated, repeated mantras, visualized, did hand mudras and breathing exercise. 

My plan if I am accepted is to teach Yoga to seniors and elders. I am the living power of Yoga.

Name Mary Zelli

The opportunity to change my life, is why I'm hoping to win this contest!  For the last 3-4 years I've dreamed and plotted my post career life and yoga teacher training is at the top of my bucket list.  As I'm older, I want to bring yoga to older folks to help them both physically, mentally and emotionally.  I want others to feel as good as I do when I practice yoga.  I want to help those who may have challenges and limitations and see the possibilities again.   Yoga is life and something I intend to practice until I can no longer breathe and I hope to share this gift with others as I transition to my next phase of life in the next 2 years.  Thanks so much for making this possibility a reality.

Jessica Reinegger

I feel like this gift was meant for me. I have followed Dashama for years and have aspired to train under her in Bali. I have been saving and preparing for yoga teacher training and have even purchased the 30-day yoga challenge to practice in her awesome style. I am a 4.0 honor student and an army wife and mother. I have a deep love for yoga as it has helped in countless aspects of my life. I have tried on 3 occasions to secure an army spouse scholarship for this to no avail. While soul searching my next step, I received your email. When I become trained and certified as a yoga teacher I will finally be able to share my knowledge, light, and passion for yoga, and have a portable career, in something I love, anywhere the army may take us.


Mariah Emond

Hi Dashama! Thanks for your generosity and sharing with us! I would become a teacher for children and adults with disabilities in my areas. We have so many neat and wonderful people that I could share the art and blessings of yoga! This would kick start my training and provide the knowledge to begin a heratful sharing of this amazing practice. I have been a yogi for more than 15 years and feel the power of the poses in connecting with the great I AM. Thank you!


Name Oliver Wade

Into the Oneness of beings,

May I look so much to others

not for taking but for sharing,

A contact interposing

Remembrance for paradise,

As my heart aches for the rain forests

Yet swoons for the same

In my lover's eyes,

May I touch the clouds drifting

Through wide open skies,

Feeling into my own completeness

Rather than seeking it in the world,

May my pain inform compassion

Wherefore I should understand others,

And may I roar as a lion

In the moment of greatest need. 

Name Mary Gantz


Good Morning....First let me thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest.  I have been struggling as of late with how to make my dream of becoming a certified Yoga Instructor a reality.  Every avenue I researched or looked into seemed to lead me nowhere.The harder I looked...the more I came up empty.  I had been in communication with a school; the instructor was sweet...she said.."when the time is right, it will present itself."  So I thought okay, I can do this.  I can relax and trust the Universe.  I really had no other choice...nothing was working out, I was stressing over something that typically brought me joy. 

And then....last night I received your email about the contest.  Just like that!!  I didn't go looking for it...your email just cheerfully popped up on my "here you go"...just as sweet as could be.  THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!  I have been studying yoga for the past 4 years through self practice and online classes, I have read several yoga/meditation books...including your "Journey to Joyful" and for the past year have been teaching Beginning Yoga at my daughter's dance studio and at a couple of local crossfit gyms. While I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my love of Yoga....I yearn for more.  More knowledge, more practice, more growth, more understanding...and a broader experience that I know becoming certified will allow me.  I am a mother of 3 beautiful teens that keep me on my elementary school teacher by day and dance and yoga instructor by night.  If given the amazing opportunity to practice under Ms. Gordon, I would be a step closer to being able to open up my own studio...ultimately sharing the FULL journey of Yoga.  I look forward to hearing from you, thank you again for allowing me the chance to enter.  Have a beautiful day!  
Name James DiMatteo


First and foremost, the reason I would be eternally grateful to win the scholarship is the opportunity to learn and study the practice of Yoga under your guidance and mentoring. It would get me one big step closer to following the path I really would like to follow in my life and that is Yoga. You were my first introduction to Yoga, after hearing your story and seeing a video on the internet, then joining your 30 Day Yoga Challenge & Detox Diet Transformation System and reading your book Journey to Joyful. It got me through the most difficult time in my life and I am eternally grateful!! Shortly after that I discovered another guru like yourself, Sadhguru and took his Inner Engineering course. I have been on the path and seeking since the day I found you and Yoga. 

Currently, I work for an organization called OCMBOCES. We provide a wide range of services to 50+ school districts in Central New York. When I become a certified Yoga teacher I would like to introduce the practice of Yoga to as many of the school districts we serve as possible and offer my services as a Yoga teacher, on a volunteer basis, to teach Yoga classes in the evening using publicly available space in the gymnasiums to any and all in the communities we serve that would like to take the classes for free. I feel this could lead to even greater opportunities to spread the love and joy that the practice of Yoga embodies.


Name Juli Kerr

I would love the opportunity to train with Dashama.  I am currently going through the 30 day challenge with Dashama for about the third time.  Everytime I listen to the lectures I am always struck by what I am actually missing in the background.  When you refer to something that happened yesterday or that you talked about earlier.  This would be an absolute dream come true.  I am a certified yoga teacher but do not feel confident in my teaching and would love the opportunity to learn from Dashama.  I am 54 years old and think that people my age could benefit from having teachers the same age that do more than chair or wall yoga.  Please consider my essay as coming from my heart.

Name Ally Gopi 

I would like to win this opportunity because, I have been working diligently for the last to graduate this may with my B.S. in Kinesiology. I have participated in yoga for 3+ years, and personally have experienced many positive changes, in my health. I want to take my certification, and help others learn how to work with their bodies. Leading longer, healthier lives.  Being a student, I have had to focus on my studies and make financial sacrifices to make my dreams come true. I think the opportunity would help me continue to grow personally but as a professional as well.


Vica Maya

In 2016, I woke up with a sudden neck injury. Unable to move my neck was both a curse and a blessing in disguise. Although it took over a year to see a full recovery, I discovered the connection between our minds, bodies and spirit, and the importance of balance and relaxation. The injury was a real wake up call that inspired me to take better care of myself and to share my learning experience with others. If I win this contest, I would love to inspire other people to prevent and heal from the inside out through yoga.v

Name Jonita Aadland
 I am a professional violinist and fiddler in Orlando, FL.  I am also a Suzuki violin teacher to 150 children, ages 4 and up.  I have done yoga for the past twenty years and am extremely passionate about my daily yoga practice.  As a musician, I know the toll repetitive movement can have on my body.  I have suffered severe frozen shoulder, sciatica, and muscle spasms throughout my upper back due to playing my violin for too many hours daily.  I have also experienced numbness and nerve issues in my left arm.  I used to go to a chiropractor and still do massage regularly, however yoga has saved me!  As long as I do my daily practice I can manage to keep my body toned and in great shape for more music.  It also brings great joy to my life and elevates my mood anytime.  I want to spread this joy to others.  
I have long wished to become a yoga teacher so I can pass on my knowledge to others on how to take care of themselves, physically and spiritually.  Since I was a full time employee playing my fiddle at Walt Disney World, I couldn't take off enough time to do the training.  I have tried in recent years to do some weekend training in the Orlando area, but I feel I need to do a retreat to really accomplish what I need to do.  
I feel the calling toward yoga instruction as I think it goes along with my music teaching.  I want to teach children the practice of yoga so they learn how to handle stress throughout their lives.  I want them to be able to stay physically fit but also learn to meditate to get through life's challenges.  I wish I had started doing yoga at a young age.  It would be an absolute dream to receive a scholarship to your program so I can accomplish this dream.
NameCassandra Nemser

Yoga literally  saved my life. At a time where I was falling apart from my issues with clinical depression, and then, I found yoga and it made me whole again. Today I maintain my emotional, and physical health through the use of Ayurveda, meditation and of course yoga. Yoga has kept me focused and motivated in my constantly busy work of being one of the few female magicians working in NYC. I would love to gain more knowledge to be able to share my love, and help improve the lives of other. And perhaps even learn how to infuse a little bit of "magic" into my yoga practice! ☺🎩 namaste

Name Christina Matula

II have been practicing yoga for several years and have witnessed the transforming power of yoga during my struggle with stage IV endometriosis.   In my current career as a middle school choral director, I use short yoga sequences in my classroom daily.  Strengthening my yoga practice would allow me to run after-school programs to benefit my students, especially those with higher emotional needs.  Proper training and certification would ensure my students are physically safe and learn good technique.  I hope to help people and share my passion for yoga!