Are You Ready to Create the Personal Brand, Lifestyle and Career of Your Dreams?

Join us for a 30 Day Yoga Business Mastery Apprenticeship in  Maui, Hawaii

:: Maui, Hawaii ::

Yoga Business Mastery Apprenticeship (21-30 days)

Apprenticeship Details:

During that apprenticeship, you will not only learn to become a successful international yoga teacher/ leader and healer, but through this apprenticeship experience, you will also learn the following in depth with hands on application of the skills:

  1. How to create a lucrative successful international career

  2. In depth online and offline marketing / business practices, secrets and success techniques

  3. Social media (all platforms and creating your brand and online presence)

  4. Video production / editing and publishing

  5. DVD and book Authoring, production, distribution and sales

  6. Online course production, promotion and sales to create multiple streams of residual income with any modality

  7. PR (public relations USA and International)

  8. Healthy raw and cooked vegan preparation for all meals

  9. Advanced photography and editing skills

  10. How to Grow Your Brand & Income with Sponsorships and Partnerships

  11. Retreat Production, Promotion + Leadership

  12. ++ Much much more :)

You must interview to be considered. Not everyone will be approved. Email us to set an appointment.

  • You will live with Dashama at her home in Maui. 

  • You will learn all of the business and career training in the apprenticeship: create videos, a website & social media presence for yourself during this time.

  • You will practice yoga, meditation, kriyas and mantras daily as well as living our holistic anti aging spiritual yoga lifestyle.

Please contact us asap if you are interested in this option and we will set up a time to discuss the details on skype or video chat online.


  • The main difference between this option and the general YTT300 program enrollment would be that you will work with Dashama outside of the YTT300 training hours during your time in Maui and you will be learning how to do the skills listed above.

  • If you choose to attend both YTT300 and the apprenticeship, at the end of the 2 month option, you will have RYT500 status which is a masters level in Yoga Certification.

  • The tuition is the same for the YTT300 and the apprenticeship: all inclusive of organic vegan meals, YTT training workshops, class sessions and accommodation with double room accommodations.

Please contact us if you have any questions and /or if you want to confirm your spot with the deposit or if you would like to set up a payment plan with us.

We look forward to sharing this powerful and transformational journey with you, to co-create the life and career of your dreams soon in paradise, the most magical islands on earth!! 

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