:: 5 Step Application Process ::

After all steps are complete you will receive the following
Emails | Information about flights, accommodations, visas, book lists, how to prepare, etc. 
We hold your hand the entire journey, you are not alone! Contact us at any time.

GIFTS | {*}30DYC Home Training System FREE! 
Start preparing for your trip with the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. ($97 value)

{*} Ebooks FREE!
Literature to kick start your new life style 

Step 1 | Fill out and submit an application. Click Here

Step 2
 | Submit the application processing fee {$108}  Click HERE

Step 3
 | Reserve a day/time for an Interview. Yoga Teacher Trainees Only. 

               Retreat Guests please skip to Step #4. No interview needed. 
               Skype Interview will be with Dashama, CEO of Pranashama Yoga Institute.
               Online booking now available HERE

               Directions to use the Online Booking System:
               1. Select your TIME ZONE. (within pop up window)
               2. Then follow the step by step instructions to schedule a meeting.
                   How it works: Select 3 different day/time options and input your preferred meeting
                   type (Skype Meeting or Phone Meeting), it will email me the 3 to choose from,
 I will
                   select the one that works best, you will get an email confirming your appointment!

               *If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please give 24hour notice.

Step 4 | Reserve your spot. Pay Full Tuition or Deposit.

               Submit $1,000 deposit Here - or -
               Go to the location page of the retreat/training you are joining for Full Tuition pay link.               

               Page Links by Location | Florida | Bali | Costa Rica


               Deposit is applied toward tuition payment.
               Deposit is transferable to any Pranashama Yoga Institute Retreat or Training.                       
               Deposit is not refundable.

***If Full Tuition is paid in Step # 4, Your Application is Complete.

**All students joining us in Bali or at any of the other locations are REQUIRED to purchase travel insurance, which will cover and reimburse all costs in the event of an emergency. Please CLICK HERE to get a price quote and to register.

Step 5
| Options to Pay remaining tuition balance if spot secured only with Deposit.
               {1} Pay in Full the Remaining Tuition within 30 days of paid deposit to secure your spot.
               {2} Begin Monthly Auto Payment Plan within 30 days of paid deposit to secure your spot