:: 5 Step Application Process ::

After all steps are complete you will receive the following

Emails | Information about flights, accommodations, visas, book lists, how to prepare, etc. 
              We hold your hand the entire journey, you are not alone! Contact us at any time.

GIFTS | {+} 30DYC Home Training Diet & Detox System FREE! 
                   Start preparing for your trip with the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. $97 value!

              {+} Ebooks FREE!

                    Literature to kick start your new life style 

Step 1 | Fill out and submit an application. Click Here

Step 2
 | Submit the application processing fee {$108}  Click HERE

Step 3
 | Reserve a day/time for an Interview. Yoga Teacher Trainees Only. 

               Retreat Guests please skip to Step #4. No interview needed. 
               Skype Interview will be with Dashama, CEO of Pranashama Yoga Institute.
               Online booking now available HERE
               Directions to use the Online Booking System:
               1. Select your TIME ZONE. (within pop up window)
               2. Then follow the step by step instructions to schedule a meeting.
                   How it works: Select 3 different day/time options and input your preferred meeting
                   type (Skype Meeting or Phone Meeting), it will email me the 3 to choose from,
 I will
                   select the one that works best, you will get an email confirming your appointment!

               *If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please give 24hour notice.

Step 4 | Reserve your spot. Pay Full Tuition or Deposit.

               Submit $1,000 deposit Here - or -
               Go to the location page of the retreat/training you are joining for Full Tuition pay link.               

               Page Links by Location | Florida | Bali | IOM 


               Deposit is applied toward tuition payment.
               Deposit is transferable to any Pranashama Yoga Institute Retreat or Training.                       
               Deposit is not refundable.

             If Full Tuition is paid in Step # 4, Your Application is Complete.

Step 5
| Options to Pay remaining tuition balance if spot secured only with Deposit.
               {1} Pay in Full the Remaining Tuition within 30 days of paid deposit to secure your spot.
               {2} Begin Monthly Auto Payment Plan within 30 days of paid deposit to secure your spot