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What type of yoga experience is required?

Pranashama Yoga believes that yoga by its nature, should not consist of levels and that classes with levels are created as a convenience for the teacher only. For this reason, all levels are welcome to all retreat offerings, including absolute beginners. All of the offerings are structured to not just accommodate, but to satisfy beginner through intermediate yogis. And more experienced yogis should understand that there is no such thing as an advanced posture as what advances is the state of mind! That being said, we do teach yoga asanas in the traditional way, that allows ones body to open up, strengthen and allow for the fullest expression of ability to be expressed through body, mind and spirit. We encourage you to approach your edge and break through personal limitations, as well as to try new things and break through to a new level of your being on every level.

What style of yoga is offered?

Pranashama Vinyasa Yoga  (Prasha Method) offers 10 unique vinyasa yoga sequences/workshops with a lot of wisdom drawing from the Ashtanga, Sivananda, Iyengar, Tantra, Thai Yoga, Qi Gong, Restorative and Power Vinyasa Yoga tradition. Our morning practices are typically 1-5 sequences, and our afternoon asana classes are typically sequences more Yin (relaxing, restorative, healing) 6-10 from the Prasha Method, also for all levels.

Is meditation and nutrition knowledge required?

Our meditation and Nutrition workshops and classes are perfectly suited for all levels of experience.

Is it possible to have private yoga instruction in conjunction with a retreat or training?

Yes. Please state this on your registration as private instruction is considered an "add-on," but a popular one we are familiar with providing. Private lessons are 75 minutes in length and are naturally customized for your needs and aspirations. We recommend a minimum of 3 private lessons to really take your practice to the next level.

Is it okay to come alone?

Absolutely! Most attendees do come alone- to retreats and training intensives. Your entire retreat experience is group-oriented, so there will be plenty of time to meet people and make new friends, as well as plenty of privacy for those seeking tranquility for introspection and reflection. You will have shared accommodations for you to bring a friend or meet a new one, most who participate have not met their roommate prior to the retreat. (Single occupancy room upgrades are available at most retreat locations)

What is and what isn’t included in the price of a retreat?

In every description of a yoga retreat you can find what is included in the price. Our retreats are all-inclusive in terms of yoga classes, mediation and workshops and lessons, 3 meals per day + cleansing green smoothies, excursions, some spa treatments and the Government tax and service is included. Items not included: R/T flight to retreat destination, travel insurance, transportation for leisure, Tax on Arrival, Departure tax, laundry service, additional spa treatments, additional excursions and personal expenses.

Are there any extra activities besides the retreat that one can participate in?

In every retreat there is some free time to do extra activities or to relax.

EXAMPLES IN BALI | The Bali Resort has a swimming pool and near by hot springs and the surroundings and beach (steps away) are well worth exploration. Add-ons or optional activities include but are not limited to excursions to nearby waterfalls, world-class scuba and snorkeling, sunrise sails with dolphins, shopping trips, Healthy Food/ Raw/ Vegan & Pescatarian cooking classes, horseback riding and more. Dive Certification and additional yoga classes available, as a mid day optional module, with early registration required. Most guests indulge in multiple healing modalities and pampering treatments at our Spa during free time slots (which are reduced in price for retreat & Teacher Training participants).

Is it possible to stay extra nights prior to or after the retreat?

Yes, that’s possible, and most people do…but it depends on availability. It is best to book this at the time of the retreat booking to ensure availability and this information can be provided on the application form. 

How do I secure my spot?

A $1,000 deposit is required within 5 days of acceptance to the program and a 50% of tuition non refundable payment is required to secure your spot for a retreat or teacher training. The balance due date is 45 days prior to the retreat start date. The deposit and payment policy for retreats and teacher trainings is detailed on the application form.

What is the average profile of your current visitor (nationality, gender, age)?

Our guests are 60/40% women/men and between 20 - 60 years in age. Participants come from around the planet so are numerous diverse nationalities!

What is the minimum and maximum amount of participants?

Pranashama Yoga Institute has no set minimum. The amount of participants varies depending on location depending to accommodation limitations. The typical minimum is 10 with a maximum of around 50 participants. However, we feel it is very important that we limit the size of each event to ensure a high level of personal attention.

How early do participants register to secure a spot?

Most group retreats and trainings fill 4 to 5 months prior to the start date as we offer early registration discounts that end during this time period. However, when retreats fill, we post this information on our site so you will not have to worry about registering for an event that is full.

Is there specific information that you need to know from the participants up front?

Yes, when you complete the application form it contains numerous questions. This can be viewed in Step 1 here. Please be honest and specific with regard to your experience and goals so we can accommodate your unique needs. Step 3 of the application process is an interview meeting with the Founder of Pranashama Yoga Institute to answer any questions you may have, get to know you, learn about your goals for the training retreat and help place you with a roommate we feel would make a good match (if accommodations are double occupancy).

Do visitors need to bring anything special?

Once the reservation is confirmed and deposit received, we send an informative email to our guests. We also go over much of this during our one on one interview meeting. Most attendees prefer to bring along their personal yoga mat. However, we have a mat for you if you do not want to travel with one. Examples for other items to bring to Bali: We recommend bringing a pair of comfortable walking shoes, some flip flops, a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts and a good hat to protect your face from the sun. Remember that Bali has a tropical climate; therefore, there is no need to bring any heavy clothing. Do not forget your swimming suit, sun block and, of course, a camera!

For our community joining the Bali Training Retreat…

If you have clothing, shoes, hats, or whatever you think could be useful for people that are not so fortunate, do not hesitate to take it a long as a donation for the village people . It is not necessary, yet it would certainly be appreciated.

On which airport do I need to arrive?

BALI: Fly into Denpasar (DPS). We will provide you with round trip airport transportation directly to the retreat resort. 

FLORIDA YOGA MANSION: Fort Lauderdale /Hollywood International Airport is closest. MIA (Miami International Airport) is also nearby.

IOM: Dublin or London (Gatwick) are the 2 best airports, as they have flight connections with Flybe or Lingus Airlines that travel daily to Isle of Man.

Do I need a visa?

A Tourist Visa is available on arrival at the airport for most countries. If you wish to stay longer than 30 days, you need to apply for a 60-day tourist visa in your own country. It is best to double check to make sure if your preferred destination country requires a visa. Bali does require visa, and we suggest you get the 60 day visa if you are joining us for 30 day training retreats, as you will likely need a few days before and after for travel. You can, however, get a daily extension for $20/day if you only get 30 day visa and need a few extra days for travel. 

Do I need to tip?

Tips for services rendered are always welcome, and are very much appreciated by our hard working staff. Unless specified, we pool all the tips at the end of every week and divide them equally among the staff members. As a guide, may we suggest a tip of $5-10/day.

What kind of food do you serve?

During our training retreats, we offer a specific diet plan, created to detoxify, alkalinize and balance your body. It is all natural, whole foods, organic, gluten, soy and dairy free (some goat cheese or tempeh may be available). Many participants experience body fat reduction, muscular tone and improvements in overall energy levels without stimulants! We serve very delicious, nutritious and healthy food, mostly organic and mostly grown from our organic garden. The meals lean more towards a vegetarian, vegan, raw food diet, but we do also provide some fresh fish and eggs dishes at meal times as well. We also offer optional courses during the program, which you can register for separately, to learn to prepare the healthy, nutritious meals and smoothies you will fall in love with over the course of this program. Please indicate your interest in these additional modules at time of registration and application, as we will make those courses available based upon interest level of participants.

Do you have Internet or phone access?

Our locations always have wifi access, whether it is in the rooms or at a central location. Phone and Internet access will be provided in the main office in Bali. Due to the location of our Resort location, Internet accessibility is unlike that in developed countries. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we are not able to provide wireless access through all our the properties at this time.

We do invite you to leave your cell phones and lap tops at home and "unplug" from your life while you are on your vacation, training retreat. One of our recommendations is to take full advantage of this isolation to concentrate on the peace and tranquil experience as it can (and should!) be appreciated. Come, disconnect and decompress! (Note: In Bali The internet is moderate speed, so uploading videos and photos takes a while, be prepared!)

What is the easiest way to join the Pranashama Yoga Institute Location in Bali?

You must first fly to Denpasar, Bali (DPS). Transportation to/from the airport is inclusive in the journey. We offer complimentary transfers to and from the airport the first and last days of each retreat training.

Is it possible to stay for just one week and participate as a vacation without participating in the Teacher Training program?

Absolutely! Make your journey what you would like! join as much or as little as you will enjoy!

What is the local currency?

BALI: Indonesian Rupiah {reasonable money changers are near the retreat location}

FLORIDA: Dollars $

ISLE OF MAN: Manx Pounds (same as British Pounds)

Is there an ATM-machine nearby?

BALI: There are many ATM machines nearby, about 1.6 kilometres from the resort.

FLORIDA: There are plenty of ATM machines and banks nearby in FL. 

ISLE OF MAN: Yes, there are plenty of ATM machines and banks nearby in UK and Isle of Man.

Can I bring my child, dog or other animal?

Due to the nature of our program, we will be immersed in the practice, science and art of Pranashama Yoga all day each day for the full experience, we won't be able to permit children or animals to join us during our training retreats. Thank you for understanding.